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Visitor management system for Colleges

College campuses have to address thousands of people every day and keep track of all of their whereabouts once they enter the premises. If your college still relies on manual record keeping then how will you manage everyone on your campus. With extraordinary features like these, what’s the point in waiting? Install the Vizitor app and get the check-in and security process streamlined.
Vizitor Dashboard provides you the overall insights of each individual entering through front door and explains whereabouts of that person. Centralised dashboard provides better analysis opportunities for the management staff of the college. It is very helpful as the data can be retrieved for security and other purposes at any point of time.

Secure your college campus with Vizitor

Forget manual logbooks

Generally, colleges have very few security personnels and their work is to record the details of the visitors who visit the college campus. Conventionally, what they do is record their details manually in the register. However, it’s a known fact that paper or manual logs run the risk of being damaged or getting lost in a crisis. As a result of the inconsistencies of paper-based systems, colleges require an unconventional visitor management system such as Vizitor, that can improve the security.

Secure guest management

When huge premises such as colleges and offices use Vizitor, students and parents feel more comfortable knowing that any stranger or guest on-site has been processed and screened accordingly. It performs the important task of tracking outsiders inside the campus, their arrival time and whom do they need to meet.

Time-friendly process

Visitor management may be viewed as a time-consuming step by those trying to gain access to colleges. Informing parents and frequent visitors in advance about the process and enforcing it on a consistent basis will not only make it less of a burden for those involved, but it will ultimately raise the level of protection for students and faculty.

Manage visitor traffic

Using Vizitor colleges can funnel people and manage traffic easily. A clearly marked entrance with access-controlled system like Vizitor will guide people in the right direction.

Pre-register for frequent visitors

For parents and visitors who frequently visit the college premises, Vizitor has an additional feature of pre-registering them so that they can have their badges scanned and verified as they enter the building without any time wastage.

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