Visitor management for Airports

Airports serve large number of travellers on daily basis, therefore they have various security requirements & security protocols focussed on passenger safety and staff management. Vizitor is capable to manage access control even in the most crowded or peak times. Vizitor never compromises security and helps to run the airport more efficiently. It is a fully integrated solution for all the airport needs from registering the passengers to collecting their valuable feedback. It is easy to install, smooth to manage and always ready to serve the passengers.

Lets see how it Works?

Airport security procedures are burdensome and time consuming and mostly every passeneger is in a rush, either to board a departing flight or exit the airport. Vizitor registers every passenger that trespasses the entrance gate by collecting the personal information, automating legal document signing and printing unique identity badges. It is also capable of sending host notifications via alerts on personal devices that further help in interaction with the passengers. Airports can also use Vizitor to maintain tight security, notice passenger trends and drive meaningfull insights. In case of any emergency, visitor data can be accessed and verified easily from a centralised dashboard.

Upgrade your touchless check-in airport process now and switch to Vizitor!

Vizitor helps in reducing the use of paper logs and the application offers active & accurate traceability. Touchless check-in airport helps the airport authorities to track visitor whereabouts and also validate them on centrally managed dashboard.

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