Simplify the Process Of Reserving Vehicles

The convenient way to find and book vehicles with Vizitor Vehicle Booking System

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Smart Vehicle Booking With A Comprehensive App

Say Goodbye to traditional ways of handwritten records and manage vehicle booking with ease on your phone and desktop.

  • The fair and straightforward way for staff to book cars from their phone and see the availability.
  • Assign customized features for the ease of staff and car usage.
  • When booked, it's convenient to locate the vehicles with maps

What is Vehicle Booking Software?

The vehicle booking software is an innovative software designed to streamline the reservation, management, and tracking of company vehicles within an organization.

Struggling at the office due to mismatched office vehicles monitoring?

The smart way is to to invest in a vehicle booking system for business trips, client meetings, or office-related tasks. This helps authorized employees meet the task at right place in right time.

Book With Vehicles Like a Breeze In 6 Simple Steps

With the help of vehicle booking software, you can book vehicles at office spaces conveniently.

Access and Login

Employees access the vehicle booking system through a dedicated platform, typically online or through a mobile app, using their credentials to log in.

Check Vehicle Availability

The system displays real-time information on company vehicles, allowing team members to check availability for the desired date and time.

Select Vehicle and Time Slot

Employees choose a specific vehicle and select their preferred time slot for usage. Some smart vehicle booking systems allow specific trip purposes.

Confirmation and Notifications

Once smart vehicle booking is made, they receive confirmation details, including the reserved vehicle, date, time, and additional instructions. Notifications may be sent through the app or email.

Vehicle Check-In

On the day of the reservation, employees check in through the system to confirm the vehicle's usage. This involves using a mobile app or QR code.

Usage Tracking

The vehicle booking software tracks the vehicle's usage, recording details such as mileage, duration, and purpose. The recorded information contributes to tracking overall vehicle utilization.

Make it Easy To Locate Vehicles

Utilize the admin dashboard to view company vehicle usage, enabling informed business decisions comprehensively.

  • Prevent vehicle idleness with timely check-in reminders.
  • Control access to specific vehicles for designated individuals or departments.
  • Promote fairness by setting booking limits for vehicles on the vehicle booking system.

Make Office Vehicle Booking Flexible Done Right!

Frictionless Vehicle Booking

The vehicle booking software make the vehicle booking process frictionless and easy. The advanced technology helps smooth office workflow.

No Training Required

Employees don’t require training to use the software. They can easily operate the software to monitor vehicles and track current location.

Right Technology

The right technology employed in a vehicle booking system is crucial to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and a seamless user experience.

There's Always More With Vizitor

Want to manage shared resources? We've got you covered!

  • Simplify employee bookings, reducing administrative workload.
  • Efficiently reserve a range of workplace assets, from parking spaces and equipment to lockers and EV chargers.
  • Gain comprehensive insights into workplace resource usage for effective future planning.

Nearly 2000 workplaces are already making smarter decisions with Vizitor

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Frequently Asked Questions

To book a vehicle, log in to the system, check vehicle availability, select the desired vehicle and time slot, and confirm your reservation.
Yes, some systems allow users to make recurring bookings, simplifying the process for routine trips.Depending on availability, you may be able to extend your reservation through the system. Check for this option in the platform.
The system is designed to show real-time availability, helping you choose a vehicle based on its availability during peak hours. Many vehicle booking systems like Vizitor provide usage tracking features, allowing you to review the history, including mileage, previous reservations, and purposes of use.
The system may have automated alerts and notifications for overdue vehicles. It's essential to return the vehicle promptly to avoid any disruptions. Most systems have a feature to report issues or request maintenance for a vehicle directly through the platform.
Some systems integrate with expense management tools, allowing users to record and track vehicle-related expenses for better financial accountability.