Planting initiative from Vizitor

Help us to make our planet regreen by making your guest’s check-in process digital, shifting from messy paperwork that is responsible for cutting down of 20 trees for each 1,000kg of paper used.


How can I contribute in planting initiative ?

It is a single step process. By the moment you have signed up for vizitor replacing your old visitor check-in system with a digital check-in system, you have already been contributed in plantation initiative.

The plantation initiative from vizitor is a little effort with a goal to increase the green cover on our planet Earth. This initiative will aim at planting a tree in the name of their every turned customer and sending them a tree as a thanking gesture for turning digital. The initiative will not help workplaces go digital but also contribute to the community.

Vizitor is aiming at planting a forest that will save the Earth from deforestation. It’s a big number, but we know we can do it with your help.


What you can do with Vizitor

Enhance Workplace Security
Business Branding
Visitor Tracking
Send Pre-Invites
Host Notification
Send Promotional SMS

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