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  • Promote the booking of parking spaces to prevent any inconvenience.
  • Empower staff to plan their week and reserve resources with the Vizitor Pocket app.
  • Foster fairness and inclusivity by limiting how far in advance employees can book parking spaces.

Parking Management System Features

Real-Time Space Availability

Parking management systems provide real-time information on available parking spaces. Users can access space management data through their devices, quickly locating and reserving parking spots to save time.

Reservation and Booking

Advanced parking software offers reservation and booking functionalities, enabling users to reserve parking spaces. The software is particularly useful for events, and corporate campuses, ensuring users have a guaranteed parking spot on arrival.

Integration with Access Control

Many parking management systems integrate with using technologies such as QR codes. Such integration enhances security by ensuring authorized vehicles and individuals can access specific parking areas.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics provide insights into parking space utilization, usage times, and overall parking trends. The data is valuable for facility managers to optimize parking layouts, plan for peak times, and make informed decisions.

Automation is the Future

Still, admin staff are occupied with parking spot issues? Automate your way out using parking management software and manage car parking smartly.

  • Make regulations and limit parking access to specific individuals or departments.
  • Send reminders for check-ins to prevent valuable parking spaces from being underutilized.
  • Allocate various features liek wheelchair accessibility according to the employee's needs.

Create a Fair Vehicle Parking In 5 Easy Steps

User Registration and Authentication

  • Users register on the parking management system, providing necessary information.
  • Access credentials, such as RFID cards, license plate recognition, or mobile app logins, authenticate users.

Real-Time Space Availability

  • The system constantly monitors and updates real-time information on parking space availability.
  • Users can access this information through various interfaces, such as mobile apps and websites.

Reservation and Booking

  • Users have the option to reserve parking spaces in advance through the system.
  • Reservation details are stored, ensuring a designated space is available for the user upon arrival.

Access Control Integration

  • Access control technologies, like RFID cards, are integrated to manage entry and exit points.
  • Only authorized vehicles or individuals with valid credentials can access the parking facility.

Sensors and Surveillance

  • Sensors, such as occupancy sensors, are deployed to detect the presence of vehicles in parking spaces.
  • Surveillance cameras may be used to monitor overall parking facility activity for security purposes.

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  • Simplify employee bookings, reducing administrative workload with parking management software.
  • Efficiently reserve a range of workplace assets, from desks and vehicles to lockers and EV chargers.
  • Gain comprehensive insights into workplace resource usage for effective future planning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Parking management software facilitates the efficient organization and monitoring of parking spaces. Users can check availability, make reservations, and receive real-time updates on parking status. Many parking management systems offer integration capabilities with access control systems, providing a seamless entry and exit management solution.
The software often includes features for managing visitor parking, allowing users to reserve spaces for guests, or providing temporary access as needed. Real-time tracking is a key feature of parking management software, providing instant visibility into available and occupied parking spaces.
Yes, the parking management system is designed to be versatile and can be adapted for various parking facilities, including surface lots, garages, and even smart parking solutions.
Yes, parking management systems often include tools for enforcement, such as license plate recognition, permit verification, and violation tracking.