OTP based sign-in process

To make your premises secure, you must keenly observe visitors trespassing your front door or appoint a person for tracking and reporting all information. Managing visitor data and registrations with a pen, papers and manual logbooks are time-consuming and frustrating as well.

Vizitor come into action and handles every single person entering the front door and keep their information safe and sound. Know your visitors with OTP authentication and Keep track of all the visitors. One time password is an easy and reliable source. OTP messages are unique to every single visitor and every single log-in on any digital device.

Comprehensive Solution for Two Way Authentication

Validate new visitors

Let the new visitors verify their phone numbers by adding the OTP generated when they visited for the first time.

Secure accounts logins

Protect your dashboard and accounts from data theft and let users sign in with an OTP via SMS at each attempt.

One Time Password via SMS

With a maximum open rate, SMS is known for its high reliability. By sending One Time Passwords via SMS.Even when users don't have access to the internet they can still use this multi-factor authentication solution.

Number validation

Fast and reliable delivery

Enhance Security

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