Multi-Lingual Visitor Management System

Now, we’re speaking in your language

We always welcome all our visitors when they entered our offices with one common language, that’s mainly English. But there are some visitors from different countries who want a warm welcome in their preferred language.

How can we resolve it?. Vizitor, Visitor Management System that supports multi-language support that makes your visitor check-in experience flexible.

Below are the benefits of using the multilingual sign-in app and how it can improve its work experience

Faster Check-in Experience

By using the app in preferable language by the visitor helps them get the faster check-in experience. The language barriers, make the visitors more comfortable and feel valued. Regardless of the language they speak, visitors can quickly sign-in and get their meetings and events on time.

Manageable for front desk staff

A multi-language check-in system reduces the load of front desk staff. If the visitors sign-in using their preferred language, they don't have any trouble in check-in flow. This means the employees don't need to walk around the visitors to make them understand the process.

Enhance the brand value

The positive first impression is the key to make your visitors happy. Understandably, visitors might be more comfortable using the tablet-based sign-in app in their native language. Having this option available makes them valuable, increases the accessibility and boost the workplace experience.

Use cases of Visitor Management System in multiple languages

Visitor management in multiple languages is useful for global companies with offices around the world. Rather than investing in a different tool, this gives you all in one solution.

Your visitors can use the Vizitor in 12 languages.













There are many benefits to using a visitor management solution that offers multiple languages. Ready to give your visitors a welcoming customized experience? To try this feature just Sign up for a free trial.

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