Slack Integration With Vizitor

Slack Integration

Slack is essentially an online collaboration system for your whole company, designed to replace email as your primary method of communication and sharing. It allows workspaces to organize communications by channels for group discussions and allows for private messages to share information, files, and more all in one place.

About Vizitor

Streamline your Front desk. By making the check-in shift from messy paperwork to an organized digital framework.

Digital Check-ins

Security of Data and Workplace

Saves Time, Paper and Trees

Vizitor+Slack= Digital Office Reception

With the Vizitor + Slack integration, you will be notified every time a visitor checks-in instantly as direct messages within Slack.

Get instant notification when your visitors arrive.

Approve or disapprove visitors using Slack.

Create a platform for communication and be informed in the one go.

Saves the visitors time of keep waiting.

Set up the Integration

Setting up the Slack integration into a Vizitor account is easy. Just follow these quick steps:

1. Sign into your Vizitor account

2. Go to Settings> App settings

3. Under App settings, click on the "Slack" button to activate. The button is pictured below.


4. Click Add to Slack and follow the prompts to install the vizitor Slack app to your team

5. Click on the allow button for permission to access your account


6. Your slack has been installed and now start getting notifications on Slack!

Upgrade your check-in process now and switch to Vizitor!

With a smart visitor management system, you can have an attractive welcome screen, add your brand logo, customized badges, with top security. The ultimate one-stop solution. For efficient management of visitors, try Vizitor!