How it works?

Vizitor, the visitor management system is designed with a vision to eliminate all the problems faced by the companies while taking their visitor's enteries on registers.Vizitor aims to digitize the entire check-in process, from visitor logs to collecting their feedback and reviews. It is an automated mechanism for keeping an update and records of visitors without any third person being involved in between.

Vizitor Installation

Vizitor can be installed on your device either on an iPad or on an Android device which can be placed at the front desk of your office.

Check-in flow

The moment visitor taps the check-in button, under your company's logo, the visitor check-in flow gets started. The visitor enters their detail in the check-in forum set up by admin. The check-in flow includes steps like NDA signature, Photo capture, and OTP verification.

Host notification

The moment visitor hits the submit button notification is sent to the host on their mobile phone along with visitor's detail.


The visitor on their check-out can rate their visiting experience, along with feedbacks.

What if it is the visitor's second visit to your office?

The visitor doesn't need to enter their detail again. There will be one step check-in. Vizitor will automatically recognize the visitor, the moment mobile number is filled. On OTP verification, the welcome screen with the visitor's name is displayed.

What if pre-invitation is sent to the visitor?

The invitee can quickly check-in by clicking on the check-in button adjacent to their name in invitee list.

Upgrade your check-in process now and switch to Vizitor!

With a smart visitor management system, you can have an attractive welcome screen, add your brand logo, customized badges, with top security. The ultimate one-stop solution. For efficient management of visitors, try Vizitor!