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There was a time when pen and paper logbooks used to get the job done, they don’t really fit in with the way visitor management system is done today. Paper-based logbooks make difficult for your staff to manage visitor’s data and they don’t convey a good first impression to visitors. Many visitor management systems today only require an internet connection, so rest assured you can easily roll out a digital check-in system regardless of your company size.

What is Vizitor all about?

Vizitor, a startup building a Visitor Management System which digitize the entire check-in and check-out process securely & easily at any workplace. Currently, we are providing our services to offices, schools, salons, coworking, hotels, events, societies and hospitals.

Below are some of the features that stands out

Host Notification

OTP based Authentication

Visitor ID badges


Facial Recognition


We have introduced a new plan, designed specifically for small organizations. Aim of this plan to give benefits to companies that have fewer visitor’s footfall. Please visit at more information.

Why we are doing this?

It is essential for any organization to manage their visitors as it helps to promote the business at the very next level. Due to the tremendous advantages of this electronic system, the visitor management software is trending these days, this system speeds the progression of guests, improve the visitor's understanding, increment security, and diminish costs.

Digital Register For Digital India!

In our previous blog “Our Beautiful India- New India” we have talked about the role of society in making new India, read more about in our previous posts.

The Vizitor is built to improve efficiency at any type of workplace, elevate visitor experience and last but not the least keep it environmentally safe by evicting the use of paper completely.

Green Business Initiative

Green Business Initiative is a change towards making a greener planet. We Pledge for a better tomorrow and walk towards sustainable living and work practices. We have taken an initiative of #greenbusiness to promote the cause of Green India and are on a mission to evade all the manual logbooks and registers used by the organizations for taking the details of their daily visitors to the digital framework.

If you’re ready to try the best visitor management software, check out today. we offer a free, 15-day trial so you can see all the features for yourself.

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