Equipment Booking Software

Use equipment booking software and make sure the right equipment is in the right hands at the right time.

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Eliminate Confusion, Be Transparent

Manage equipment without breaking a Sweat

  • Need help with who has, when, and what equipment with them? The perfect solution is to incorporate a digital booking system.
  • Get an updated dashboard stating the equipment status and usage. Avoid hefty handwritten records, double bookings, and unnecessary conflicts.
  • Employees can book equipment in advance with easy to use Vizitor smart pocket app.

Centralize all Office Equipments in one software
with 5 Simple Steps

Asset Registration

Each piece of equipment is in the equipment booking system. This may include equipment type, model, serial number, purchase date, and initial cost.

Barcoding or RFID Tagging

Many equipment booking software enables barcodes or RFID tags to uniquely identify and track each piece. This simplifies the process of updating information.


Users can record when equipment is checked out for use and when it is returned. This helps track equipment availability and location at any given time.

Maintenance Scheduling

The software often provides tools for scheduling and tracking routine maintenance tasks. This includes preventive maintenance to extend the lifespan of equipment.

Usage Tracking

The equipment scheduling system records equipment usage and overall insights. This information can be valuable for making data-driven decisions.

The Vizitor equipment booking software includes a reservation feature, allowing users to schedule equipment usage in advance. This is particularly useful in organizations with multiple teams or departments sharing equipment resources.

Be Smart and Reasonable With Digital Booking System

  • With the booking system, be reasonable and upgrade your employees' work efficiency with the right equipment.
  • With calculative decisions for your organization, you will benefit long term.
  • Create a flexible, fair, and convenient workplace for everyone with the availability of the right resources.

Benefits of Equipment Booking Software with Vizitor

Optimized Resource Utilization

Efficient allocation of equipment based on real-time demand reduces idle time and maximizes utilization, ensuring that resources are used effectively.

Reduced Scheduling Conflicts

Equipment Booking software prevents scheduling conflicts by providing visibility into availability and minimizing double bookings or disputes.

Enhanced Accountability

Equipment records who is using specific equipment. This accountability reduces the risk of misuse and promotes responsible resource handling.

Streamlined Workflow

Allowing users to reserve equipment in advance minimizes workflow disruptions, and teams can plan their tasks more effectively for smoother operations.

Improved Productivity

Efficient equipment management increases productivity as teams can access the necessary tools without delays.

There's Always More With Vizitor

Want to manage shared resources? We've got you covered!

  • Simplify employee bookings, reducing administrative workload with parking management software.
  • Efficiently reserve a range of workplace assets, from desks and vehicles to lockers and EV chargers.
  • Gain comprehensive insights into workplace resource usage for effective future planning.

Around 1500 organizations are already making smarter decisions with Vizitor

Frequently Asked Questions

Equipment booking software allows users to reserve and manage the usage of organizational assets. Users log in, check equipment availability, make reservations, and receive confirmation details. It provides real-time visibility into equipment availability, allowing users to make informed decisions about resource allocation.
Depending on organizational needs, equipment booking software is versatile and can manage various assets, including tools, vehicles, meeting rooms, and specialized equipment. The system also helps prevent scheduling conflicts by showing real-time availability. If conflicts arise, users are notified and guided to choose alternative times or resources.
Many equipment booking systems include features for scheduling and tracking routine maintenance tasks to ensure equipment is well-maintained and reliable.
This depends on the specific software and organizational policies. Some systems may have limits to prevent abuse, while others offer flexibility based on user roles.
Many equipment booking systems offer integration capabilities, allowing seamless connections with other software such as inventory management, accounting, or project management tools.