Enrich Workplace Security with Vizitor!

Enrich Workplace Security with Vizitor!

By Ritika Bhagat

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Enrich Workplace Security with Vizitor!

Mon, Jan 25, 2021

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The world begins to accept the new world after the pandemic. Organizations are going to open with the new normal. Organization implementing the new normal for returns to office and rebuilds together. Many companies focus on enhancing health and safety through measures such as automated contact tracing and workplace sensors, among others. They prefer the safety and health-first culture and infrastructure powered by resilient and agile technology solutions.

Safety and security, this is the main thing that they think. If your priority is safety then Our priority is your safety.

At Vizitor, we entered this pandemic with some advanced and digital features towards the organizations we serve. We are serving the safety, protection and prevention with our Touchless visitor management system. Visitor management system manages the visitor and employees from the front desk of the office. So let’s discuss its features.

1. Touchless visitor check-ins

  • Vizitor enables you to visit visitors by enabling your visitors to check-in with touchless technology.

  • Visitors can check-in with a simple QR-code scan.

  • Visitors can check-in without the help of the other person.

  • Vizitor also provides the touchless registration.

  • Touchless visitor management system empowers the visitor to complete their entire check-in process from the comfort and safety of their personal mobile device.

  • At first, visitors can simple QR code scan then a link will be open, here you enter your details, and confirm check-in right from their handhelds.

  • This touchless check-in and registration offer your guests a zero-touch experience at your premises, securing them as well as your workforce.

2. Ensure accurate Contact Tracing

  • Contact tracing is the process of identifying and managing visitors who have been exposed to a disease to prevent onward transmission.

  • Contact tracing for COVID-19 requires identifying people who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

  • Vizitor enables dependable contact tracing, your company can easily access an accurate real-time record of all visitors who enter your workplace, with their contact details,health screening.

3.  Visitor Screening & Alerts

  • With the visitor management system you can check & recheck the safety status of any visitor walking into the premises.

  • Our Touchless visitor management system enables your team to conduct this screening of visitors.

  • This health screening consists of body temperature scanning, contact tracing app status.

  • If there is any visitor that is affected then Visitor management system triggers alerts to your security teams, and adds this individual to a visitor blacklist, so that visitor is barred from entering the workplace for a preset period of time.

4. Contactless Attendance solution

  • Vizitor provides the Touchless attendance system so that employee  can clocked-in with the help of geolocation coordinates so chances of proxy attendance are zero with us.

  • Vizitor is not only useful for your office use but it also works when your employees are working from home. With our latest Geo-Tagging feature, your employees can mark their attendance even from their homes. Once an employee marks their attendance their geo-coordinates are sent with their attendance.

  • Our Touchless attendance solution lets your employees clock-in easily with their mobile device.

Wrap Up!!

For the security of the workplaces, we at Vizitor will continue to put our contribute to protect the organizations worldwide. We will upgrade and enrich workplaces with our innovations. To know more about Vizitor, please Sign-up for free.