6 Ways to Make Your Conference Room a Hub for Productivity

6 Ways to Make Your Conference Room a Hub for Productivity

By Ritika Bhagat

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6 Ways to Make Your Conference Room a Hub for Productivity

Thu, Apr 4, 2024

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In today’s hybrid work environment, the conference room has become more important than ever. It’s the space where teams gather to brainstorm, collaborate, and build relationships. But with so many employees juggling remote and in-office schedules, managing conference rooms can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare.


Fear not! Here are 6 ways to transform your conference room from a battleground for bookings into a hub for productivity:

1. Embrace Smart Meeting Room Management Systems

Gone are the days of relying on sticky notes and crossed fingers. A meeting room management system streamlines the booking process, allowing employees to easily find, reserve, and check into rooms - all from their smartphones. No more showing up to a booked room only to find it empty or wasting time hunting for an open space.


Look for a system that offers:

• Increased Efficiency and Productivity: Convenience is key, especially for today’s on-the-go workforce.

• Real-time availability: See what rooms are open at a glance and avoid scheduling conflicts.

• Self-service check-in: Free up space automatically if a meeting doesn’t materialize.

• Bonus Stat: A 2022 report revealed that 39% of employees and 46% of executives say the purpose of the workplace is to build meaningful relationships and collaborate. Conference rooms that are easy to book encourage these in-person interactions.

2. Utilize Data to Make Informed Decisions

Meeting room management systems also provide valuable data on how your space is being used. Analyze this data to see:


• Which rooms are booked the most (and least)?

• How many people typically attend meetings?

• Are meetings being canceled frequently?

This information can help you make data-driven decisions about your space allocation. For example, you might convert underutilized large conference rooms into smaller huddle rooms for brainstorming sessions.

3. Prioritize a Comfortable and Functional Environment

The design of your conference room plays a big role in meeting productivity. Here are some key considerations:


• Comfortable seating: Opt for ergonomic chairs that provide proper back support, especially for longer meetings.

• Temperature and lighting control: Ensure the room temperature is comfortable and the lighting is adjustable to suit different meeting needs.

• Tech essentials: Equip the room with the necessary technology, such as a high-quality display, video conferencing tools, and whiteboards.

4. Don’t Forget the Snacks!

Studies have shown that a well-fed brain is a productive brain. Consider stocking your conference room with healthy snacks and beverages to keep attendees energized throughout their meetings.


5. Make Room for Flexibility

Meeting rooms for every need: Your team thrives on flexibility, so give them meeting spaces to match! Large rooms handle presentations and training, while huddle rooms are perfect for quick team chats. Need quiet focus time? Focus rooms offer a personal haven. Open areas encourage brainstorming and collaboration, and innovation zones, with writable walls and movable furniture, ignite creativity.


• Large conference rooms: Ideal for presentations, team-building exercises, and training sessions.

• Huddle rooms: Perfect for small group brainstorming sessions and quick catch-up meetings.

• Quiet rooms: Provide a dedicated space for focused work or private phone calls.

6. Promote Booking Etiquette

With a little encouragement, employees can develop healthy booking habits. Here are some tips to promote conference room etiquette:


Book only the space you need.

• Cancel unused reservations promptly.

• Respect the time limits of your booking.

By following these tips, you can transform your conference room into a valuable asset that fosters collaboration, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Ready to take your conference room management to the next level? Explore meeting room management software solutions like Vizitor to find the perfect fit for your organization’s needs.