Schools and universities around the world are going green to reduce their carbon footprint and impart values of sustainable living to future citizens of the world. Green schools are the schools that are Eco-friendly, sensitive to the environment and have a sustainable ecosystem. Green schools significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs, it also improve student and teacher health, and encourage student motivation. As with the children spending two-thirds of their waking hours inside schools,there should be benefits like pure air quality, healthy lighting, safe outdoor spaces, and high quality cafeteria food aren’t fancy extras as they are essential.

Here are some great ideas for a green school
Today’s students aren’t just looking for academic programs in sustainability; they want to study at institutions that talk about the sustainability also. In fact, at many campuses, students can get involved in making their campuses more sustainable, from growing trees, food eaten in the dining halls to conserve energy, opting for smarter ways of transportation.

Energy and Water Conservation
The water consumption is tremendous in schools premises and require water for their heating and cooling systems, restrooms, drinking water faucets, locker rooms, cafeterias, laboratories, and outdoor playing fields and lawns.Take note, implement and share the following ways to save energy and water in your classroom.

  • To reduce water use in the school
  • consider replacing old equipment such as dishwashers with energy-saving devices.
  • Repair water leaks and leaky toilets.
  • Install water aerators and automatic shut-off devices on faucets.
  • Turn off the lights, computers, smart boards when not in use
  • Schools have many areas where lighting is not required at all times. Installing sensor based lighting in such areas can generate massive rewards. This is one of the easiest ways to save energy at school.
  • Investment in solar lights for outdoor lighting can generate long term benefits.

Effectively Manage Transportation
Schools need a large fleet of buses to drop children to and from school everyday. Safety and quality of buses is the major factors the parents look for when choosing schools for their wards.

  • Some notable kinds of electric vehicles include cars, motorcycles, Lorries, trains, boats, and scooters. Electric vehicles powered entirely by electricity do not emit any dangerous gasses, even though the toxic emissions might be produced by plants generating the electricity.
  • Pooling The best method to reduce costs is to reduce the number of buses in operation. Trimming the fleet automatically decreases driver wages, fuel consumption, wear and tear of vehicles etc. These factors contribute enormously in saving costs.

Waste and Recycling

  • Avoid buying bottled water and sending children to school with it.
  • Eliminating some waste through reduced consumption and diverting the rest through recycling, composting and reusing or re purposing.
  • Avoid buying hazardous materials that could pose difficulty for you to recycle. Buy non-toxic products whenever possible.

Biodiversity and Ecosystem

School gardens are catching on and for good reason. Kids will learn to conserve the mothers Earth by taking initiative to grow more trees. Start small, with one class planting something that's easy to grow in pots.

Run A Green Campaign

There are many green schools initiatives across the country. Some may involve grants to schools that make changes like saving energy or creating and integrating sustainable curriculum. Join hands with various environmental conversations programmes to take initiative for the conservation of various resources.

Run with one or two of these ideas to help your kids and their school on the path to sustainability. Make green living a part of everyday school life by considering the environment in everything you do. From energy efficiency to recycling, take these steps to make your school more Eco friendly and sustainable. Going paperless is the best practice to save environment. Go Digital with visitor management System, Switch to Vizitor

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