Android visitor management app

Vizitor is a visitor management system that operates on all devices including android and iOS but when we talk about both the platforms, android seems to be more beneficial.

While iOS has many consumer and enterprise positives, when it comes to purpose-built touch screen hardware, it can no longer compete with the range of options available on Android platforms.

With an iPad based visitor management system, you are limited to

The iOS tablet hardware that Apple produces.

The iOS system level permissions

On the contrary, Android allows you to build whatever your imagination can assemble, including

Embedded wall or desk tablet

Large scale touch displays

While its true that iOS mobiles are more secure than the android ones, this is not necessarily the case for other hardware formed devices.

With an android visitor management system, the control over security updates, patches and operating system upgrades lies purely with the vendor. And, that’s a good thing. It means there are no system critical updates that can complicate matters outside of workflow.

Here are some of the features of Vizitor equipped android devices and why you should go for it!

Vizitor helps in streamlining the check-in process by allowing quick entry and exit of visitors at your workplace.

It helps in signing in unlimited visitors.

Helps in pairing up unlimited android devices.

Registers visitor’s details by capturing the guest’s photo and details like their name, photo, address and so on.

Realtime dashboard for admin.

Allows you to view your visitor’s history.

Quick sign in of recurring visitors.

Instant notifications and alert messages regarding the visitor’s arrival or the name of the host who is to be visited by the guest.

Badge Printing

Printed badge with basic details and photograph of the visitor provides an additional verification and confirms that the guest has completed the sign in process.

Secures the things and property carried by visitors to the organization or workplace.

Vizitor is also equipped with real-time dashboard and digital signature, making sure that every visitor signs the terms and conditions before checking-in.

Hence, the most reliable and efficient operating system in mobile technology becomes more effective when you change to a visitor management system that holds the power of streamlining the chaos in an organization. So, jump in, switch to Vizitor!

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