What are the Technologies that are Useful for Going Green?

What are the Technologies that are Useful for Going Green?

By Ritika Bhagat

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What are the Technologies that are Useful for Going Green?

Fri, Dec 11, 2020

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Today, climate change is the biggest problem that affects many other factors. Many businesses around the world are aware that indeed, climate change is a problem that affects them too. Many organizations are doing everything they can to help in solving this problem. One of the things they’re doing is the implementation of a number of sustainable, Eco-friendly technologies or projects, such as the use of cloud storage apps , carpooling, paper saving software and the switch to LED bulbs.

As we know that, global warming is a reality. It is a growing problem upsetting governments and society in general. Here the following ways to fight against global warming is by means of the so-called green technologies.

Recycling and waste management

  • As we know that the increase of  household and industrial waste is disproportionate and becoming very difficult to manage.

  • Managing solid waste is the commitment of companies as well as individuals.

  • To manage this waste we have to use outstanding technologies such as, automated food waste tracking systems and automated optical scanning technologies can help sort mixed plastics by separating them from others.


Construct the Self-sufficient buildings

  • Organizations can use the self-sufficient buildings as those constructions that are able to function by themselves and generate energy without the need of an external contribution.

  • Organizations should use the photovoltaic panels that generate the greater production with the same surface and incorporate intelligent solar tracking systems, thus obtaining an optimal use of radiation.

Water Recycling Technology

  • Organizations should reuse the water and adopt water recycling technology.

  • These technologies are best set up together with a rainwater harvesting system.

  • After that they can reuse water that was just used for another chore.

  • The water that can be reused by this type of system can be rainwater or mains water.


Use the LED and CFL Lighting

  • LED and CFL bulbs are better than older bulbs in three ways and they have a longer life than others.

  • These kinds of bulbs are brighter in light, require less energy to function, are eco-friendly and last longer.

Visitor management system

  • A visitor management system is an Eco-friendly system that reduces paper usage.

  • This system increases the productivity and efficiency of the organization.

  • Visitor management system manages the visitors and employees in the workplace.


Wrap Up!!

In conclusion, we have mentioned some kinds of technologies that can reduce pollution and waste worldwide. We have to take care of our environment and we can start it from our workplace and use those kinds of technologies. With these technologies where we will save our environment and with these we can increase the efficiency and productivity of the workplace.