4 signs your office need a visitor management system

4 signs your office need a visitor management system

By R.saini

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4 signs your office need a visitor management system

Mon, Aug 24, 2020

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In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, When you think about managing the visitors and providing them with a streamline experience. Do you think using the manual registration process and waiting areas should be enough?

Of course,It’s not because manual systems don’t provide these kinds of streamline experiences.Organizations need to adopt digital and innovative ways to manage visitors in a modern and efficient manner. Modern visitors expect a seamless and convenient experience when they visit an organization. So, adopting digital and innovative visitor management solutions can do wonders. As we all know this is digital world and visitors don’t want to waste their time at the reception area.You will need a digital Visitor Management System that greets visitors that come into your reception area to encompass the entire workplace experience.This system includes eliminating long wait times and helping staff run effective meetings with the visitor visiting them.

THE CHALLENGES OF COVID-19 Also, in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic and heightened concerns about health and safety, contactless solutions are becoming increasingly important. Digital visitor management solutions can offer touchless check-in options, such as QR code scanning or mobile apps, reducing physical contact and minimizing the spread of germs.

So,in this article,we’ll outline various signs that your organization needs to understand to make your brand more successful and memorable by collaborating with digital Visitor Management Systems.

Although many businesses have moved beyond pen-and-paper methods, still some of them are using manual check-ins that fail to provide a seamless workplace experience for employees and visitors. Here are some clear signs your existing visitor management system is failing to provide the high-quality, seamless workplace experience it should for both visitors and employees:

4 signs your office need

Sign 1#. Congested and Messy Reception Area

There are times when you notice a lot of people in the reception and lobby area.Your lobby seems to be full of a huge crowd of visitors. How do you manage the situation? Isn’t it challenging if you are relying solely upon the manual check-ins?

Your congested and Messy lobby presents a negative and bad image of your brand.If your Visitor Management Solution is not making your office reception presentable and professional then definitely you need a more versatile solution.Also using outdated paper and pen method today makes you lag behind your competitors. How Vizitor helps:

• Streamlines the check-in process by setting up self-check-in kiosks thus reducing the congestion caused by long queues and paper-based check-ins.

• Allows to upload identification documents digitally thereby reduce the mess caused by physical copies of documents and make the reception area more organized.

• Provides real-time monitoring of visitors to prevent overcrowding and ensure a smooth flow of visitors

• Automatically notify the host when visitor arrives helping minimize the need for hosts to constantly check the reception area

• Reduces the mounds of papers from the front desk making your reception digital and paperless.

Sign 2#. Facing large volume of Unauthorized visitors

If you encounter a large volume of unauthorized visitors at your workplace, then your Visitor Management Solution must have become outdated and old.Also this can be a little dangerous for your premises.

• It is important to take swift action to ensure the safety and security of your workplace and its occupants.

• Keeping track of unexpected guests making their way through your site can be a headache to deal with.

• Imagine that if the receptionist is busy when a visitor arrives?Then unwanted visitor milling about the office is a security risk and likely violates company policies.

Effective Visitor Management Systems must go beyond just managing front desk experience but also ensure a positive and secure environment for customers. Vizitor can be a friendly solution for the situation–

Facing large volume of Unauthorized visitors

• Allows pre-registered visitors to verify and approve the visitor’s details in advance, reducing the chances of unauthorized visitors gaining entry.

• Another amazing aspect is issuing Visitor Badges to all authorized visitors upon arrival helps to quickly identify any unauthorized individuals.

• Generates QR codes to mitigate the risk of security breaches as only authorized visitors can easily check-in using their mobile devices.

• Initiates Visitor screening process without going through which nobody can enter the premises.

Sign 3#. Lack of Visitor Tracking

If your organization does not have a proper system in place to track and monitor visitors, it may be time to invest in a Visitor Management System like Vizitor. Do you know who enters your premises and for how long? How do you manage the flow of visitors when they arrive? There must always be a friendly solution: Vizitor to quickly provide you with an accurate list of all visitors present on your premises at any given time, making it easier to evacuate and account for everyone, including visitors, and ensure their safety.

• Provide a digital and automated way to capture visitor information, including their name, contact details, purpose of visit, and time of entry and exit.

• Capture and store visitor data securely, and provide options for consent management and data retention policies.

• The system tracks the number of visitors,their reasons to visit and all their whereabouts within the premises all at a time by real time monitoring of their data.

Sign 4#. Inaccurate and missing Visitor data

Have you ever faced a problem when all your visitors’ data got missed? What will you do then? Who should be responsible for that? It’s because of the lack of effective data management by your existing visitor management system if you have one. We all know that maintaining data of whoever is visiting your site is extremely important for companies to take necessary actions in case of any emergency.


• If you are still maintaining manual paper based visitor logs at your premises, then you might have already put your organization at risk.

• You need to update to Digital Visitor Management Systems as they offer you with an accurate and up-to-date representation of your visitors records.

How Digital Management System helps–

• Digital visitor management system maintains a clear record of who is visiting a particular location and when they arrived and departed.

• Since all the visitor data is stored on a cloud, which adds an extra advantage as the data remains up-to-date.There chances to satisfy customers are much higher which seems to be impossible using manual paper based logs.

• The company staff need not to spend most of their time maintaining paper logs at registers. Just implement Cloud based visitor software and let them spend a little bit of their time on refresher activities.

Inaccurate and missing Visitor data

Wrapping Up!!

If your organization is also facing these kinds of problems,then all these are significant signs that your organization needs a more versatile and friendly solution like Vizitor. The visitor management system that makes it easy to check in, simplest filling out forms and enables front desk staff to be conversational. With the Visitor Management System, visitors can immediately understand the company’s values.After implementing VIZITOR at your premises,you will soon realize how handy and easy the things become then. Switch to Vizitor and make your premises more efficient.