People are interacting less due to health concerns in the aftermath of the global Covid-19 pandemic. To prevent disease transmission, an increasing number of businesses are turning to visitor management systems. So, we have to greet and welcome customers with security. Even if you are According to studies, social distancing leads to increased social rejection, individuality, impersonality, and a loss of community. Even if maintaining a social distance is necessary for safety reasons, you can still make customers feel welcome by greeting them warmly.

Make visitors secure and warmth welcome

Some customers prefer a welcoming atmosphere that is warm and secure. So simply greet them with a smart visitor management system to relieve them of stressful paper work, and explain why they've come and what they require from you. Having employees greet customers personally when you use a virtual receptionist adds to the brand's warmth. If a customer only has a quick question, they may not need to use the customer check in system. Someone should greet them and help them in improving your company's image. ‌‌

Steps to welcome the visitors securely:-

#Securely greet visitors

Keep an eye out for any visitors who come in the door. Before they enter the premises, you can scan the temperature to determine whether it is safe for them to enter the premises. After then provide the secure environment to check-in the office. Implement the touch-less visitor management system for the touch-less based check-in.

#Capture All Relevant Information

Gather the detail of the visitors that need to know. It is critical to have all of the necessary data. With the visitor management system, you can easily store the data with the secure manner. Integrate ID scanning to quickly capture all identification information by scanning and verifying driver's licences, passports, and company or military IDs.

#Make It a Branded Experience

Increases the brand experience at the front desk of the workplace. Ensure that your customer check-in system is consistent with your brand's imagery, colours, slogan, and overall persona. With the touchless visitor management system you can customize the your company logo.

#Show Customers That You Recognize Them

Personalize your greetings when a regular client walks in.You can do so by addressing them by their first name and inquiring about products or services they've previously used from the company. Demonstrate to them that you value their business by remembering their name. When a customer walks into your facility, a touchless visitor management system can help you quickly remember their name.


The first impression of your company is the greeting. Greetings add a sense of cosines to a chilly workplace. You can greet them professionally, win their hearts, put them at ease, and encourage repeat business with the best software. If you greet customers with a warm smile as soon as they enter the building and assign them to a competent employee to solve their problems, you'll quickly have a large number of repeat customers.